1 Samuel 2:2

conference 2014 verse

“There is none holy as Jesus (YHWH); for there is no one besides thee; neither is there any Rock like our God.


What is APC Conference?

This conference started over 34 years ago by Pastor David Manuel. He envisioned a time when believers of various backgrounds would come together to worship the Lord and encourage one another. So here we are after so many years, coming together once again from various parts of the Pacific Northwest. Pastor Harinder Sahota, along with members of Abbotsford Punjabi Church and South Abbotsford Church, host this annual event. We want you to be welcome and expect the Lord to do something in our midst. 

If you are a new believer. We hope that this is a time of growth in your life. The testimonies will point us to the fact that the Lord is at work in our midst. He is changing peoples’ lives. We also have the opportunity to speak into the Punjabi community here in Abbotsford. Visitors far away and close by are always welcomed. The 2014 Abbotsford Punjabi Church conference will call all of us to called to rejoice in Him

Conference Events

- Language: Punjabi, Hindi and English will be used wherever necessary
- Sermons dedicated to the growth of believers
- Children, youth and young adult programs led by South Abbotsford Church
- Fellowship time with people from other churches
- Testimonies of God’s work in our lives



We encourage you to attend all three days of APC conference 2014. There is no charge for the conference. If you would like to donate, there will be Donation box available.

Please note, we only provide accommodation if we receive your registration by August 7, 2014 11:59 PST. You will be responsible for your own accommodation after the deadline.


Discover all the program timing for Kids, Youth, Seminar & Conference

Kids: ICCF Chapel (age 5-11)

Parents Please Note-Parents are responsible to supervise their kids at time when there is no planned activities
-Kids will need an extra clothes and a towel for activities involving water on Saturday afternoon
-Nursery is available upon request
Friday 5:00–6:30pmDinner (with parents)
7:00–9:00pmWorship, Introduction, Games & Snack
Saturday 8:45am–10:15amWorship & T-shirts crafts
12:00 -12:30 Lunch
12:30–6:00pmGames & Activities with Carlee Lewis and team
6:00–7:15pmDINNER (with parents)
7:15–8:30pmWorship, Movie & Snacks
Sunday 9:00am–11:30amJoin “Kidsquest” in room 115

Middle School: Age 12-15

FridayJoin Youth Session
SaturdaySessions led by Jordi Melzer in the Getaway Room

Youth Session: Room # 115 (age 15+)

Kap Sharma
Ajay Klassen
Saturday 8:45am–10:15amWorship
Kap Sharma, Ajay Klassen
Randy Thompson
10:45–12:30pmAjay, Kartar
2:00–6:00pmBowling Games
7:15–8:30pmAjay Klassen
Kap with Sundeep Mann

Sundeep will be interviewed by me (Kap) and will also be performing 'spoken word'. Sundeep has lived in England, Canada & New Jersey and traveled or worked in Burma, Japan, India & Mexico. He has run after-school programs in Camden Projects through Urban Promise NJ, worked as a child-care counselor through Ishtar Transition Homes & The Children’s Foundation and as a Crisis-Response Worker for the Abbotsford Police Department’s. He is currently toiling away in school towards an Education Degree to be an educator of young minds. He enjoys long walks on the beach, throwing an orange ball at a metal circle in a high-arcing motion and reading random information on the internet. He is a self-professed hip-hop professor who enjoys writing spoken words that may or may not be found to make sense by other people. And finally, is a lost soul who has been found by a gracious creator.

Worship & Testimonies
Sunday 10:00am–11:30 amJoin South Abbotsford Church service in the sanctuary

Seminar: "Loving Your Neighbour"

Saturday, August 24
Marcel Morneau has been working among the Punjabi immigrant community here in BC for the last 15 years. He and his family lived in Punjab,India to gain fluency in the Punjabi language before returning to BC to work in a variety of cultural liaison positions in their community. Over the years he has taught Punjabi in the public high school, taught English to immigrants, worked in translation, as a settlement counselor, as a pastor and as a motivational speaker. He has a strong love for India, a passion to appreciate culture, and a desire to see others empowered to move into a more engaging, more fulfilling life of building relationships and changing lives. He is an enthusiastic communicator who will challenge and inspire you.

Location: Main Sanctuary
Contact Person: Don Klaassen, click here to email Don

Friday, August 22, 2014

5:00–6:30pm Dinner
7:00–9:00pmWorship, Prayer & Testimony
Devotional Message
Pastor Imran Daniel

Saturday, August 23, 2014

8:00–8:40amTea, Coffee and light Snack
8:45–10:45amDevotional, Music & Testimonies
Pastor Santosh Raj
Break: Tea, Coffee and light Snack
11:00–1:00pmMusic & Testimonies
Pastor David Manuel
1:00 pmLunch
2:30–4:25pmMusic & Testimonies
Pastor Amir Williams
4:30 pmPrayer and Fellowship
7:00 pmThanksgiving service by Pastor Balwant Bedi

Sunday, August 24, 2014

9:00am–1:00pmWorship service by Pastor Harinder Sahota
1:00pmClosing Praying & Lunch

A Prayer & Counseling team will be available at announced times